Stars Mentoring Program

Stars Mentoring Program

The Stars Mentoring Program provides Wetaskiwin school children with the opportunity to be matched with an adult mentor in a school environment so as to enhance the child’s self-esteem, improve their school performance and attendance, build on their social skills, and increase their self-confidence.

The child and the adult spend one hour a week, in the child’s school, doing activities of mutual interest such as playing games, reading, talking or just hanging out. A tote with games, craft supplies and other material is provided by the Boys and Girls Club for the two to use and is left in the child’s school.


Volunteers can pick the day and time that is most suitable for them and that will work into the child’s school schedule. The two do not meet on school holidays, summer holidays as this is an “in-school’ match only. 

The Stars Mentoring program is designed to be employer supported, where the volunteer, if possible, can leave his/her place of employment during work hours to “give back’ to their community.

The Stars Mentoring Program is a joint partnership between the Boys and Girls Club, Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools, and St Thomas Aquinas R. C. S. R. D. No 38.

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Teresa Stuber - STARS Program Coordinator, 780-352-4643 ext. 27 or email

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